Free Online User Experience Lessons

Frequently Asked Questions.

When can I start?

The course runs continuously. You can join at any time and you will keep getting the lessons until you've completed the course (or until you unsubscribe).

Why is this course free?

I'm on a mission to create better user experiences.

I've been teaching and consulting in user experience for over 25 years. I've watched too many design teams burn through too much money and waste too much time. Many start-ups and even some established companies bluster on without user research. The wasteland of failed technology—from to Google Glass—is testimony to that.

Products fail because teams skip user research or carry out the wrong kind of research or do the right kind of research but at the wrong time. I want everyone involved in product design to change their approach and that's why the email version of this course will always be free.

I want you to be so blown away by the free content you get with this course that you invite me to talk to your team or you sign up for my in-depth video course. But neither is compulsory and you won't be subjected to a hard sales pitch.

What lessons are included?

You'll get one lesson a week by email for 20 weeks, and if you follow along step-by-step, you'll have uncovered what your users need after 6 weeks. For the rest of the course you'll be designing a product to meet that need and testing it out with your users.

The course starts with workshops to help you tease out the business goals, identify the user experience vision and do desk research so that you can identify the user groups and create a description of your ideal user. You'll then test your assumptions in a series of workshops that cover participant recruitment, field research and user story mapping. In subsequent workshops, you'll come up with several different design ideas for your product and create prototypes for testing with users. The later workshops show you how to run a usability test, identify usability issues and choose which problems to fix first. In the final workshop, you'll start institutionalising user experience in your company.

You can complete most of the workshops in an hour, and many within half a day. Some will need longer, but just one (the field research workshop) will require more than a day. Running these workshops with your design team will reduce the risk of building a product that people don't want or need.

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at non-user researchers, ideally working in a multidisciplinary, agile team. I've specified the workshops in enough detail that people without a UX background should be able to carry them out. In fact, as you'll see, I encourage the whole team to get engaged in these workshops, so it's fine to share the responsibilities with your colleagues.

But experienced user researchers should find this course useful too. Each workshop describes user research hacks that I've seen work on hundreds of projects over the 25 years I've been working in the field. So even though you know this stuff already, I guarantee you'll find some research and strategy ideas to help you work more effectively and gain consensus more quickly.

I signed up but I'm not getting any lessons

Check your spam folder. If you've checked your spam folder and still can't find the email, here are some suggestions.

How do I invite you to speak to my team?

I'm glad you asked! Email me at

Where is the video course?

User Experience: The Ultimate Guide to Usability and UX.